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What is a Perfection Secret Bra?

Perfection's amazing range of stick on bras and alternative bra solutions are designed to give you the freedom to wear backless, strapless and low plunge fashions in total confidence! Available in sizes A to E and in a variety of skin tones, now you can wear that dress! Choose from our Secret Bra, Secret U Plunge Bra, Secret Winged Bra or Secret Breast Lift Tape. Shop the range here

How Does a Perfection Secret Bra Work?

Perfection Secret Bras are backless and strapless. They have either adhesive cups or side wings, or both. Once the protective film is removed, the bras simply stick to your breasts and  / or sides allowing you to wear backless, strapless or low plunge fashions with complete confidence. Check out our instruction videos to see how easy they are to use and to choose the best bra for you and your outfit here

What Are Perfection Secret Bra's Made Of?

Perfection Secret Bra, Secret U Plunge Bra and Secret Winged Bras composition is:
Fabric: 82% Polyamide & 18 % Elastane
Adhesive: 100% Silicone Adhesive

Perfection Secret Breast Lift Tape composition is:
Polyethylene Film / Acrylate Adhesive / Paper Liner

The Perfection Secret Bra Range contains hypo-allergenic materials, however for some people sensitivity may occur. In the unlikely event of irritation, discontinue use and wash the affected area with clean water. Not to be used on sunburnt or sensitive skin, open cuts, rashes or skin with pigmentation problems. Test for a short period before prolonged use. Do not wear overnight.

How Do I Use Perfection's Secret Bras?

Perfection Secret Bras are simple to use. Check out our instruction videos to see how to apply the Secret Bra, Secret Winged Bra, Secret U Plunge Bra and Secret Breast Lift Tape and to choose the best bra for you and your outfit here

What Size Perfection Secret Bra Should I Wear?

Perfection Secret Bras are available in an A to E Cup. Take a look at our handy size guide to see which Perfection Bra is best for you based on your usual bra size here

How Long Can I Wear A Perfection Secret Bra?

Perfection have tested all their Secret Bras with consumers and would recommend the use of their bras for up to 6-8 hours at a time. The bras contain hypo-allergenic materials, however, for some people sensitivity may occur so we therefore suggest use for a short period before wearing for an extended period and would not advise they are worn overnight.

Will My Secret Bra Stay On If I Sweat?

Perfection only uses the best adhesive on their Secret Bras and they have been tested on consumers in different scenarios. Perfection Secret Bras are designed to be secure and to stay put! For optimum adhesion to the skin, ensure breasts and surrounding areas are clean, dry and free from oils and fragrances, deodorants, moisturisers, lotions or powders prior to wearing. This is vitally important as this may affect the adhesion of the bra to the skin. Prolong the life of the bra by also following all the care instructions carefully (see below)

How Many Times Can I Use My Secret Bra?

If the on pack care instructions and instructions for use are followed carefully, Perfection's Secret Bras can be re-used up to 20 times. Please note the Secret Breast Lift Tapes are disposable and are designed for single use per tape.

How Do I Wash And Look After My Perfection Secret Bra?

To look after your Perfection Secret Bra, Secret U Plunge Bra and Secret Winged Bra, please make sure that you retain the outer packaging for storage of your bra along with the adhesive protectors.

Ensure that you follow the on pack usage instructions carefully and only wear if skin on breast and surrounding areas is clean and dry and has not been contaminated with oils, fragrances, deodorants, moisturisers, lotions, powders and fake tan etc.

To wash the bras, remove the plastic protectors from the adhesive areas and hand wash in warm water only and allow to dry naturally. Once the bra is thoroughly dry, re-apply the protectors to the adhesive cups and / or side wings to keep the adhesive areas free from contamination or dust and place in original packaging for storage.

Do not machine wash or tumble dry your Perfection Secret Bra.

Please note that the Perfection Secret Breast Lift Tape is disposable and not designed to be re-usable.

What Is Your Returns Policy on The Perfection Secret Bra Range?

Please note, for hygiene reasons we cannot accept returns on our Stick on Bra Range or Nipple Covers. Perfection Secret Bras and Breast Lift Tape have plastic films covering the adhesive so that you may press the cup against your body to check for sizing. If you are in doubt, please do not remove the plastic film. Once the sticky surface is tampered with, which includes removing the plastic film, touching it with your fingers, applying the cups to your skin, you will not be able to return the item. The sticky surface is very sensitive to touch and dust, so please be careful when you’re handling the cups. If there is evidence that the plastic film has been removed, we will refuse your returns request and the item will be discarded. Please visit our returns policy for more information here