Secret Stoppers
Secret Stoppers
Secret Stoppers

Secret Stoppers

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Secret Stoppers by Perfection fit snugly over high heels & stilettos to prevent sinking, stains & scuffs from both soft & hard surfaces. Great for weddings and a day at the races!
* 3 pairs for different heel sizes 9mm, 11mm, 13mm
* Discreet
* Flexible
* Secure

How to use:     
* Check the bottom of your heel size against the chart on the side of the pack
* Use the appropriate size heel stopper on your shoe
* Push the stopper on to the bottom of your heels until secure
* Remove & clean with warm water & retain in packaging for future use

 Care and Composition:     
* Hand wash in warm water & leave to dry

80% Polyvinyl Chloride 12% Calcium Carbonate 8% Plasticizer
Made in China