Top 10 Fashion Resolutions

Happy New Year! We asked our Perfection social media followers to pledge their New Year Fashion Resolutions for 2017.

What an overwhelming response we had with hundreds of fashion savvy ladies (and men) letting us know how they are setting themselves up for 2017  with a few tweaks to their buying habits,  a change in attitude or simply by sorting through their current wardrobe!

So, here's the top 10 fashion resolutions as voted for by YOU! Which one of these will you be keeping?

10. Out with the old! Sometimes you can't see the wood for the trees! If you're a hoarder, go through your current wardrobe and be ruthless. Get rid of any clothes you haven't worn in the last 2 years, and if you're even braver, the last 12 months! Be realistic, are you hanging on to something because you think you will fit into it one day? Are you saving something on the off chance it will come in handy for some bizarre themed fancy dress party? Bag it up and recycle it or donate to your local charity shop. Now then, don't that feel good!?


9. Quality over quantity. Cheap clothes are a false economy on the whole. Fast fashion is slave to this principle. How many items are bobbled, pulled or lying creased in your wardrobe that have only been worn a few times because the quality of the material or standard of finish is just poop? And how many high fashion pieces do you have that you simply won't wear again, as to be honest, you'd look a fool? Take time when choosing items for your wardrobe, and think long term investment and how it will fit into your overall look - see point 3. Better for the environment too!

8.  Wear underwear that fits . Confidence and style surely does come from within, but good underwear also helps by giving you shape and lift to all the vital areas! Give your underwear drawer an overhaul and pay a visit to your local bra - fitter to make sure you are wearing the right size and shaped bra for you. Shapewear is also great for smoothing any unwanted lumps or bumps, and don't forget Perfection's bra accessories when you need an extra secret solution for your outfit.


7. Get out of the comfort zone! What's your go-to guilty fashion piece? What do you wear over and over again just because... Black leggings? Skinny jeans? Gym gear? PJ's!?? Does it make you happy? Whether it's comfort, convenience or just a simple fashion rut, why not spend a little time looking for some alternative key pieces that you can mix and match with other items from your wardrobe that make you feel good!

6. Dress like every occasion is a special occasion! Let's face it, life is too short to wear boring clothes or indeed to wait for a special occasion to wear that top, that dress, those shoes. If you bought it and you like it, WEAR IT! Bloomin gorgeous!

5. Accessorize! Guilty over here for hoarding the hand bags and not using them! Simply rotating your bag or finishing off your outfit with some lovely jewellery could add a whole new lease of life into your wardrobe and take some of your looks from day to night, casual to smart and vice versa. Don't underestimate the value of a good cobbler either - resurrect your shoes from the back of the wardrobe and get them re - heeled and polished or simply check out Perfection's amazing shoe accessories to breathe new life into long forgotten old friends.


4. Forget the size label. Who cares what the size label says? If it fits, it flatters and you feel good then WEAR IT! Nobody knows what that label says apart from you. Time to punch the size police in the nose and embrace YOUR body, YOUR style! See point 1!

3. Build a capsule wardrobe. The secret to a capsule wardrobe is to think of your lifestyle and circumstances and to build up a number of key items that compliment each other and can be mixed and matched to make endless outfits and wondrous possibilities. The end goal is to always be in a position where you have something to wear from your wardrobe that makes you feel amazing and suits your style whatever the occasion. It can take time to build up (see point 9) and is often built around the so called 'timeless classics'. If you need some capsule wardrobe inspo check out this guide or why not treat yourself to a personal shopper experience to give you some guidance?

2. Bright is the new black. Colour = happiness = confidence = AMAZING YOU! Time to be brave and adventurous and add a bit more colour to your wardrobe. Find the shades and hues that flatter your skin tone, hair colour and make up and you might just be able to leave the safety net of black behind forever..... well, maybe not, but a pop of colour is never a bad thing.


1.Stay true to you! Whatever you choose to wear, and whenever you choose to wear it, remember to stay true to YOUR style and identity. Be happy and confident in YOUR choice. Remember, fashions come and go.  As Yves St Laurent once said 'Fashions Fade, but style is eternal'

Love Perfection x

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