Perfection’s Festival Dress Code

So with Glastonbury under the festival belt, we’ve been taking a look at the fashion trends that are bound to set the tone for the rest of the festival season. Cue, Perfection's Festival Dress Code! There’s no doubt about it, the gloomy prospect of rain certainly brought the practical side out of the majority of festival goers this year. Yes, the celebrities might have been wearing silk jumpsuits but for the hardcore revellers without the luxury of 5 star accommodation, comfort prevailed! So if you’re off to a festival this season, maybe leave your sandals at home this year and dig out those hiking boots! Check out Perfection's Festival Dress Code:

Wellies & Cut Offs

Show off your pins with some old denim cut offs, and if it’s chilly don’t forget to wear your opaque tights underneath. Pair with a sturdy shoe or boot such as Hunters (or Dunlop wellies – making a comeback!) and some warm woolly socks, ideal for wading through cold, damp, muddy bogs or the portaloos! Give your feet some additional warmth after dark with Perfection’s Cosy Soles - fleecy and snugly for cold festival toes!



Layering is always good advice where the Great British weather is concerned! Take lots of light layers that can be stripped off or hastily thrown on again, and don’t forget your pac-a –mac! You can always wear the tiniest of tops as your base layer for when the sun does eventually shine! In which case, don’t forget your Perfection Racer Back Clips


Sports Wear

Sports chains and on line stores have reportedly seen an increase in sports gear as the trend becomes mainstream fashion once again. A hark back to the 90’s Addidas and Reebock have seen a resurgence in trackie tops, slogan T’s and retro trainers. Ladies are opting to wear sports bras as outer wear and teaming with leggings and layers. Back to that base layer – sports bras are now multifunctional! Do you need some Perfection Nipple Covers under that though? 


They always remind us of Mr Motivator (who?) here at Perfection HQ, but perfectly practical in every way, bum bags again reflect the new sports trend! Not only do they hold all your valuables securely about your person, but they keep your hands free for selfie taking, beer swilling and air fist pumping to your favourite bands. Win win!



Sadly the old flower crown was seen to be on the wane at Glasto this year, but never fear, girls still managed to add a bit of femininity and sparkle to their sporty, practical garb by bejewelling their eyes. Invest in some sequins and jewels to apply around your eyes. Apply once, then leave. With no prospect of a wash or shower for days, they’ll add some glitz to your festival face for the duration!


Which festival are you going to and what will you be wearing? Let us know your festival fashion favourites  

Love Perfection x

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