The Perfect Secret to Fresher's Fashion

The first few weeks of uni can be daunting, chaotic and pretty full on so the last thing you want to worry about are any fresher’s fashion faux-pas! So you can concentrate on all the major important things like where’s the nearest bar or how long will your student loan last, here are a few fresher's fashion secrets to bear in mind that will keep you one step ahead in the fashion stakes!

Queue- tastic

Get in line! Whether you need to register for your uni card, the doctors or the fencing club (!) you’re going to be on your feet a lot and clocking up a fair few miles, especially when you add in the obligatory fresher’s pub crawl! Make sure your shoes are comfy with Perfection’s Foot Pillows. Simply add to your stylish flats, boots and sneakers for all round comfort! You’ll be the last one standing, always! a


Be Prepared

Remember what Brown Owl used to say? Always be prepared and cater for every eventuality! Be the saviour of your new friends and always, always, always carry some Perfection Fashion Tape in your purse! You just never know when you might need it; fallen hem, gaping blouse, impromptu fancy dress, you’ll have all bases covered with this and avoid any potential fresher’s fashion faux-pas!


Of course! No more explanation needed! Prep ahead and sort out a few show stopping outfits for your big social fresher events where you want to feel at ease, make an impression and have a ball! Check out Perfection’s new range of stick-on Secret Bras for those backless, strapless or low plunge outfits. Available in a range of skin tones and sizes so you can find the right style for you and your outfit!


Party some more

Sometimes day can slip seamlessly into night when you’re a student and outfit changes may not always be on the radar! If you can brave heels all day, that and a good slick of lipstick are all you need to carry you through. Oh, and potentially some Perfection Gel Cushions. They're fab to slip into your heels to stop your balls from the inevitable dance floor burn! Reach for the disco ball gals!


Happy Fresher's Week! Use code FRESHERS17 for 25% off your next purchase

Love Perfection x

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