The Secret to A Perfect Party Look

The super gorgeous Charlotte from Styling Out The School Run blog picks her top party outfits for the festive season with a little help from Perfection!

With the festive season fast approaching it is time to start thinking about many things such as, how much wine do I need to survive the family dinner? Where can I find that must have toy that has now sold out everywhere? And most importantly, what shall I wear to the endless parties, meals and events that are listed on the calendar?

Well, fear not Ladies. I may not have the answer to all of your Christmas dilemmas but I have the answer to what you can wear. Plus, I have teamed up with the amazing Perfection Secrets to show you a few of their must have party accessories that will help with that unsightly bra strap, the dreaded nip slip and those throbbing, 2am feet.

So lets get started with a couple of gorgeous outfits from the new collection by Next.

Pink Sequin Dress – Next £75

As soon as I saw this dress it was love at first sight. I mean whats not to love? It has sequins, 3/4 length sleeves for those cold evenings, it is pink and utterly fabulous. Wear it with tights if you aren’t feeling brave enough to go bare legged in this weather and even worn over jeans this dress would look amazing.

I think that one of the most attractive details of this dress has to be the the low cut ‘V’ in the back.However, how do you wear a bra with a dress that is cut lower than your bra strap sits?

The answer is with the amazing Secret Straps from Perfection Secrets.

The Secret Straps offer you 4 discreet bra solutions in 1 product. With this dress I used the Clear Low Back Converter which is the easy solution for all your low back & backless outfits. Also included in the packet are Clear Bra Straps for when you need that extra support with strapless tops and dresses. A Clear Racer Back Clip which is the perfect way to conceal your bra straps with racer back and sleeveless tops and a Nude Bra Extender which allows you to increase the size of your bra’s tight fitting back strap for a more comfortable fit. This is a product you need to have in your underwear draw because it is so versatile and so easy to use.

Black Velvet Jumpsuit – Next £85

Next we have a chic and timeless Black Velvet Jumpsuit from Next. With a sparkly thread running lightly through the fabric this outfit demands dancing and cocktails. The arms and legs are both full length and the waist is cinched for a very Diana Ross circa 1970’s feel. This jumpsuit is not only super stylish but it is also going to keep you warm as you sashay from the taxi to the restaurant or bar (which is definitely a plus at this time of year)!

I found that I didn’t need to wear a bra with this outfit so in order to prevent any ‘accidents’ whilst shaking my thang on the dance floor I used the Perfection Secrets Fashion Tape to discreetly secure my top in place.

The Fashion Tape is convenient, effective & incredibly versatile giving you the confidence you need to dress in style! It is discreet, gentle on skin and fabric, double sided and very easy to use. It really is a key part of looking great, feeling confident and being able to let your hair down and just concentrate on having fun!

The back of the Jumpsuit is left open with a delicate button fastening at the shoulders. I think this adds a dramatic twist to the outfit and stops it from feeling too heavy at the back and instead keeps it rather playful and very sexy.

Rock this look with killer heels and metallic accessories for a dazzling party outfit!!

Draped Bodysuit – H&M £24.99


The next look is from H&M . It is slightly more casual and perfect for those less formal occasions such as drinks with the girls or a meal with your partner. The focal point of this look is the Draped Bodysuit that instantly adds impact with its low cut front and velvet soft feel.


I have teamed it with a pair of Skinny Jeans from H&M and added a vintage chain to break up the black.

The Bodysuit is a great item to have because not only is it bang on trend it is also incredibly versatile. It can be worn with jeans, skirts, trousers, over tops and under tops for layering and because of the stud fastenings it doesn’t ride up and ruin your outfit.

Just like the Jumpsuit from Next, this Draped Bodysuit is rather revealing and it is not easy to wear a bra with it, so I chose to use the Fashion Tape and also wear the amazing Lightweight Silicone Nipple Covers from Perfection Secrets.

The Nipple Covers are the perfect solution for a discreet smooth look under whatever you choose to wear. They are re-usable (up to 20 times), can be worn alone or under lingerie and they are available in light, medium and dark skin tones.

So now you have a few outfit ideas for Christmas and New Year. Plus you know that with the help of Perfection Secrets you are going to look polished and party ready but what about those throbbing feet??

Unfortunately no matter how good you look by midnight your feet are ready for bed and nobody likes to leave the party early… So what to do?

The Gel Cushions from Perfection Secrets give the ball of your foot comfort in all your high heels. They allow you to wear your favourite shoes and sandals in comfort by providing instant relief and helping to prevent pain and soreness in the balls of your feet. Perfect in any shoe and practically invisible these truly are a girls best friend!

Now is the perfect time to get party ready because Perfection Secrets are offering FREE PAIR OF GEL CUSHIONS WITH EVERY PURCHASE  (check the website for details).

The products that I have featured from Perfection Secrets are just a few from their amazing range. I have tried and tested each of the products above and I can say with confidence that they not only work but they work incredibly well.

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