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My Little Secret!

Fashionista Charlotte Lamb from Styling Out The School Run tries out Perfection's new range of Secret Bras to discover which style suits her summer outfits perfectly... Pssst…I want to let you in on a little secret… I have found the answer to droopy boobs and saggy bosoms and it’s something that all us gals can use! Perfection Secrets have produced a new range of incredible Stick – On Strapless/Backless Bras and ladies they are a complete fashion game changer. I wear a size 32E bra and like most women I struggle to find a strapless bra that can hoist my boobs up and keep them where they should be. More often than not I am left looking as though I’m smuggling watermelons around my waist. Trust me...

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Fashionista Charlotte Lamb from Styling Out The School Run lends a hand as wedding planner to help you perfect your wedding guest ensembles this summer... It used to be fairly simple to attend a wedding, all you needed was a nice dress, some heels possibly a hat and then head to the church and enjoy the occasion. Nowadays though there seems to be various types of ceremonies. There is the beach wedding, casual ceremony, night do only invite, formal wedding and many more in between. Therefore it can be difficult to know what that correct dress code is as a guest. Plus, there is the added pressure of not only looking fabulous all day but remaining comfortable from the ‘I do’ to...

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Getting Ready for a Summer Wedding

Are you attending a summer wedding and in need of some helpful hints and tips? Do you need some inspiration for your makeup, hair and outfit? Are you wondering how to solve that tricky bra / dress dilemma? Are you contemplating ditching the heels in favour of all day foot comfort? Well before you take the plunge with any of those BIG decisions, check out our collaboration with fashion and beauty vlogger SophieBelle on her preparations for her friend's wedding this summer. Not only is Sophie effortlessly beautiful, but she may just persuade you to to reconsider the awkward dress and troublesome shoes with the help of our handy bra and shoe solutions. We were absolutely delighted when Sophie included some...

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