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My Little Secret!

Fashionista Charlotte Lamb from Styling Out The School Run tries out Perfection's new range of Secret Bras to discover which style suits her summer outfits perfectly... Pssst…I want to let you in on a little secret… I have found the answer to droopy boobs and saggy bosoms and it’s something that all us gals can use! Perfection Secrets have produced a new range of incredible Stick – On Strapless/Backless Bras and ladies they are a complete fashion game changer. I wear a size 32E bra and like most women I struggle to find a strapless bra that can hoist my boobs up and keep them where they should be. More often than not I am left looking as though I’m smuggling watermelons around my waist. Trust me...

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The Perfect Secret To Looking Flawless on Your Holidays

Guest fashion blogger Charlotte Lamb gives us a help in hand with our summer holiday wardrobe planning! If you listen very carefully you will hear the faint sound of turquoise waves and gentle summer breezes, corks popping and samba music far, far away. This can mean only one thing…we all need a holiday! As Madonna told us; “Holiday…celebrate.” Well, if the queen of pop tells us to do something who are we to argue? So, you have booked your holiday and now the question of what to pack looms over you. Who knows what amazing adventures lie ahead? How can you possibly know what to pack? Well, the first thing you will need are a selection of Perfection Secrets products that will keep you flawless...

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Seven Summer Holiday Staples

Whether you’re jetting off to an exotic location or having a great British seaside break, getting together your summer holiday wardrobe staples can be a little bit stressful! By the time you’ve laid out your vast collection of clothes, hats, sarongs, toiletries, shoes and jewellery on the bed there is little hope of choosing a capsule wardrobe, let alone squeezing your spoils into your miniscule suitcase! ( – damn you miniscule baggage allowance!) What’s more, all those changing looks and trends and the fact that some of your beachwear dates back to circa 1999 can be a bit disconcerting! Where do you start? Gulp! Well, Perfection has scoured the latest summer looks and trends along with some of our favourite high...

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