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Fashionista Charlotte Lamb from Styling Out The School Run lends a hand as wedding planner to help you perfect your wedding guest ensembles this summer... It used to be fairly simple to attend a wedding, all you needed was a nice dress, some heels possibly a hat and then head to the church and enjoy the occasion. Nowadays though there seems to be various types of ceremonies. There is the beach wedding, casual ceremony, night do only invite, formal wedding and many more in between. Therefore it can be difficult to know what that correct dress code is as a guest. Plus, there is the added pressure of not only looking fabulous all day but remaining comfortable from the ‘I do’ to...

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Find your perfect match!

Helping you to look and feel perfect whatever the occasion and whatever you choose to wear, Perfection is excited to announce a brand new range of bra solutions that have been developed to match everyone's skin tone. Unsure of your perfect match? Then take a look at their handy skin tone guide! Based on popular make-up and cosmetic brands, this useful guide will help you to find the Perfection product which matches your skin tone the closest!  Perfection is rolling out 3 new colour ways on their best selling bra solutions - Light, Medium and Dark. The new colours are available across the Fabric and Silicone Nipple Cover Range with new bra solution products rolling in across the AW and SS...

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