Race Day Styling Do’s and Dont’s

And they’re off!

The Racing Season has got off to a flying start with the Grand National 2016 at Aintree in a flurry of style and elegance!

Here at Perfection we’ve been keeping a close eye on what’s hot (or not) in the Race Day styling stakes to help you put together your outfits for the race days you might be attending this season.

So, don’t fall at the first fence ladies, Perfection will have you racing to the finish line in spectacular fashion with our best in class bra and shoe accessories! Here’s our Do’s and Don’ts of Race Day styling:


DON’T flaunt your bra straps Don’t let an unsightly bra strap ruin the look of your beautiful outfit. Perfection has loads of clever little accessories to ensure that your bra straps are discreetly hidden away in unusually cut dresses and tops. From Racer Back Clips that can nip in your straps to the back or front, to Low Back Converters that can hide away your straps completely with backless fashions, you really will find everything you need to complete your outfit with perfection. If you need a bit of invisible support too under lace and sheer fashions, or even with strapless or off the shoulder numbers, our Clear Bra Straps are just the thing you need! We love how elegant and confident these ladies look in their different style dresses.

]Ladies Aintree

DO wear high heels Yes, we know a sensible and sturdy shoe will keep you on your feet all day long, but ladies, if you can’t wear your fave pair of heels on race day, then when are you going to wear them!? It’s time to reach to the back of the wardrobe and reach for those amazing killer heels (who are we kidding – buy yourself some new ones!!) as Perfection has got you covered! Prevent rubbing on little toes and heels with our handy Gel Spots or Heel Shields and make sure you try our Gel Cushions or Secret Soles if you suffer from ball of foot pain, under heel pain or both! High heels NO PROBLEM! You’ll feel like your feet have wings with Perfection! 


Don’t bare all! While some Race Day dress codes are not specific on rules (apart from fancy dress – that's a big no no!), certain venues demand certain etiquette to maintain the elegance and formality of the occasion. For example Ascot requires midriffs to be covered and sheer or strapless tops are not permitted. Check the dress code ladies before you invest in your outfit! If you need a help in hand to maintain your decorum and style, reach for Perfection’s Fashion Tape to halt any slipping neck lines, or their Nipple Covers to achieve a smooth flawless look and to prevent revealing too much! 


DO have confidence Whatever outfit you choose to wear make sure you wear it with confidence! If your outfit has a little imperfection or niggle that worries you it will ruin your day. So make sure you head to Perfection to see how we can resolve your problem. Not only will you look perfect, you’ll feel it too! 


Sssh – it’s our little secret!

Love Perfection x    


Credit for images sourced from: http://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/whats-on/whats-on-news/ladies-day-fashion-five-women-11160632

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