Prom Prep the Perfection Way

Prom prep is in full swing! How exciting!

We asked our very own Lucie to give her top tips on how to get prom pretty the Perfection way, so you too can arrive at your prom feeling and looking like a real life princess! That blue dress!! *swoons*

1.Be unique

I wanted a prom dress that was unique to me so I didn't have to worry about arriving in the same dress as my class mates. I found a local boutique that keeps a track of who buys what and ensures that they don't sell the same dress to another girl attending the same ball! Brilliant. I chose my blue dress as I loved the colour, the style, the embellished detail and the cut away back. Of course this meant no bra for me, but luckily I wore some Perfection Nipple Covers to give me a bit of extra confidence and security on the night. I wasn't worrying about adjusting bra straps on the dance floor!


2. Research your hair

As this was a really special night for me and a break from all my hard work revising, I wanted to relax and treat myself by having my hair done for prom by an expert! I chose my usual salon ( I trust them!) but made sure I took a picture of the prom style I wanted for them to work from. I researched for ages on Pinterest and the internet and eventually chose a braided up do that would help show off the back of my dress.


3. Stay true to you!

When it came to my prom make up I could have gone to a professional, but I wanted quite a natural and neutral look and wanted to use my own  favourite products and colours knowing what suited me. So I decided to stay true to myself and do it myself! It was all part of the excitement of getting ready on the night too with my mum and sister popping in and checking on progress!


4. Arrive in style

As luck would have it a friend of the family had a beautifully restored vintage mini that he kindly offered for our prom transportation! This cute little car provided a gorgeous back drop to some of my prom photos and really added to the excitement of the occasion as my friend and I traveled to the venue. Once we arrived we felt like princesses stepping out of our carriage. Some of my best memories from the night are from our arrival when we saw how stunning all our friends looked, swapped compliments, clicked our cameras and watched everyone arriving in style!


5. Have fun!

This was my first ever prom and I was so looking forward to getting dressed up and having a blow out with my friends! All the prom prep in advance meant I felt completely at ease with my outfit choice, my hair, my makeup, everything! I even popped a pair of Perfection Gel Cushions in my KG silver shoes to make sure I could be the last one bopping away on the dance floor. I know Cinders made a career from leaving her shoes behind, but these babies were coming home with me, on my feet! Perfection!


Thank you Lucie - glad you enjoyed a perfect prom! x

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