Perfection Gel Cushions Tried and Tested at The Races

Tried and tested! Guest blogger fashionista Emily road tests our Perfection Gel Cushions at Chester Races Ladies Day. Has she finally found a solution for her painful high heels?

Finally the day has come!

I’m here at Chester Races in the beautiful sunshine, Pimms in hand, surrounded by thousands of people, and lots of women in the highest of heels I have ever seen. Now, I wonder how many have come prepared for the pain that is soon going to dawn on a lot of them here today?


Yes, you all know what I’m referring too, the PAIN in the ball of your foot that can almost bring you to tears … the pain of having your sorry little feet ‘trapped’ in those beautiful heels you still persist on wearing despite the continued pain and discomfort! We won’t be defeated! Over the years I've experienced years of pain and discomfort on dance floors (the reason for my bad dancing!)  and have tried so many ‘solutions’ and homemade quick fixes to try and help my painful feet, including cotton wool or tissue placed in high heels (I know, great solution…NOT! ) I've even considered  hitting the dance floor in my slippers! Unsurprisingly the home made solutions FAILED, and let’s face it girls, giving up high heels for good was never going to be an option! Never! Luckily for me - I have found a well-kept high street secret ... Perfection Gel Cushions! And today, I’m putting them to the test with a full day at the races.


At first I thought to myself ‘Here we go! Another product that isn’t going to work!’ I was wrong! And so far so good,  from confidently walking from the train station to the race course,  strutting my stuff from the betting stations to trackside with no discomfort at all, how have I never come across these little beauties before!?  I now feel sorry for those woman I can see stood on one foot while resting the other and switching! Ouch! Rookie mistake ladies….All I’m thinking is these discreet gel cushions are heavenly! Perfection!


5 hours in, and I’m still going strong! If only I had a pedometer to track my steps, because there is no sign of soreness and my feet could last all night in these heels. Have I finally found the secret to comfy feet… I think so!  


You can only imagine the amount of hours ladies have spent preparing for today at Chester races - dress, hat, heels, accessories .. the list is endless! If only they would have considered the prospect of being stood in heels all day, they may have been extra clever and packed a set of ‘Gel Cushions’ or ‘Secret Soles’ in their handbag too!


Now don’t be too jealous ladies, you can purchase these must have shoe accessories from any high-street retailer including Topshop, River Island and Debenhams or you can visit the Perfection direct by clicking here .

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Perfection Gel Cushions Tried and Tested! Big Tick!

P.S Unfortunately the only thing that the Perfection ‘Gel Cushions’ don’t protect you from is people stepping on your toes! Ouch! .. Oh well suppose they can't fix everything can they? :)

Emily xx

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