Perfectionistas Wanted!

Are you a perfectionist? Are you female? Then YOU are a Perfectionista!

Yes, you over there taking 23 practice selfies to get the perfect one that highlights your best side just so. Yes, you there who is contouring the hell out of your cheek bones! Yes, you ma lady who is on their 6th wardrobe change before work this morning. Yes, missus, you who is back-combing your hair to oblivion! Yes, girl, you who is buffing your nails to within an inch of their lives!

YOU my ladies are Perfectionistas, and we WANT YOU!


Perfection is looking for Perfectionistas like you to become part of our product tester panel. We want you to try out new products, give us your feedback and help make our products goddamn perfect! In return you'll have lots of free goodies, discount codes and exclusive bragging rights to be working with the best in the business at this perfection lark!

So, if you think you're perfect enough, love fashion and beauty and love expressing your opinion then get in touch!

Drop us a quick email to telling us why you would like to become a Perfectionista! We'll get back to you as soon as we can!

Love Perfection x

Terms and conditions Applicants must be female and 16 years old and over. Perfection will endeavor to respond to your email within a week. By agreeing to be part of the Perfectionista Panel you are agreeing that any data and market research collected is kept confidential and remains the property of Perfection Beauty Brands and is not circulated within the public domain, unless directed otherwise. As well as letting us know why you would like to become a Perfectionista, please include the following information in your application:

  • Name
  • Age
  • Location / address
  • Social media / blog handles
  • Shoe size
  • Bra size

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