Essential Hen Do Survival Kit!

Who’s organising a hen do this year? If you‘re looking for some fab and unique ideas to kit out the hens then good old Perfection is here to give you some inspo! We’ve scoured the internet (OK, Pinterest!) to find all the coolest ideas for keeping your girls BANG on trend and ready for all types of shenanigans! So, however you’re celebrating, check out Perfection’s essential hen do survival kit picks!

1.You’ll need something light and stylish for your hens to carry their hen do survival kit around in! You can pack these beauts with all sorts of essential items: paracetamol, wine, wine, water, wine! We love these slogan bags which will really draw attention to your girl gang for all the right reasons! Super handy for taking to the beach if you’re off on a HOT weekend away too! Present your gals with one of these bags before the celebrations commence!

    hen do survival kit

    2. So what goodies shall we put in the bag? Well, who doesn’t love a temporary tattoo!? Absolutely loving these metallic tats to foster some tribal bonding among the girls! What happens on tour, stays on tour if you’re brandishing one of these! Check out the range from Fuzzy and Birch, they have personalised ones and cheeky ones that can be flashed to innocent bystanders to request a drink! Brilliant!

    3. We don’t want any fashion faux pas on this hen weekend do we? This girl gang WILL radiate class, sophistication and oodles of style (for the first hour at least)! Luckily Perfection has all the essentials you need to perfect your outfits! Whether your donning fancy dress, dressing up to the nines or even going camping in the Outer Hebrides, we reckon that Fashion Tape is THE most essential item for your hen do survival kit! What this wonder stuff can’t do is not worth knowing about! Fallen hems, gaping blouses, securing plunging neck lines or repairing bunny tails you need this baby in your kit! In the bag it goes! hen do survival kit

    4. Who are we to say that veils, sashes and L plates are not en vogue? But, if we were the bride to be and had the choice we would defo be donning this AMAZING necklace instead! It is simply beautiful and marks out the bride to be as the most fashionable bride to be that there ever was! You can find this statement necklace from Bespoke Bride along with many more funky alternatives for your hen do. The necklace goes in the bride’s survival kit!

    hen do survival kit 

    5. If there is no dancing on this hen do, then quite frankly, you need to reassess your plans! Shake your thang on the dance floor and twerk your booty knowing that you can go on and on like the Duracell bunny with Perfection’s Gel Cushions! Pack a pair of these in your hen do survival kits and you won’t encounter any burning balls at all! Phew what a relief!

    hen do survival kit 

    6. For those times when you don’t have easy access to the bar, why not pack a little snifter in your hen do survival kit to keep things ticking along (remember be DRINK AWARE ladies!)? How cute and ever so tasteful are these dinky little bottles of fizz! We’d keep the empty for a little hen do keepsake too.

    hen do survival kit

    7. When the snifter has gone and the bar is no longer in sight (why!?) then thank goodness for this: Prosecco lip balm! Plus, gotta keep your lips all luscious, just in case! (Oops ! Forgot, it’s not that kind of hen do here ladies!!). Bagged! 

    hen do survival kit 

    8. We’re not saying that the night is going to end with you hugging the porcelain, but these hair ties are super cute and embrace the spirit of the occasion! And let's face it, hair up always signifies the end of a GOOD night! Hope you enjoy your day / night / weekend girls! 

    Hair ties hen do survival kit

      What are you planning for your hen do and what would you put in your hen do survival kit? Let us know! Love Perfection x

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